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You've been seeking for a secured messenger which does not reveal your personal information such as phone number, e-mail or somehow linked to your personal social media accounts where you keep your closest people.
We have made it! Now you can chat with all your Kinkceller friends
in one secure app real-time. Keep them close, chat anytime, anywhere!



It's a completely free application. It doesn't require any payment for any action such as memberships or its features. Beside that it's totally ADS free!

Try it, if you really like it, feel free to bring your contribution to this app for improvements in its future versions by clicking the ''donate'' button.


It has the most important features as the popular messengers in the market.
Voice Note
I wanna hear you!

Whisper, sing or shout.
Especially good when you are lazy to type :)

Multiple Chatrooms
Hey! Join my channel!

You can create or join chat on multiple chatrooms simultaneously and enjoy group chatting with many people.

K-Chat Phone
Share Photos
Send me photos now!

You can share photos with your friends by one click. Or you can take instant photo with your mobile device.

Share Videos
Wanna see my short movies? :P

Share videos from your library or capture instant videos with your device and share with your friends.


Voice Note

Whisper, sing or shout.
Especially good when you are lazy to type :)

Push Notifications

Get real-time notifications from K-Chat. Respond to your friends anywhere, anytime.

Share Photos

You can share photos with your friends by one click.

Share Videos

Share live action videos with friends.

Receive Files

All types of files can be delivered directly to K-Chat.

Real-time Translation

Translate conversations in real-time and enable users to chat from around the world.

Offline Support

Use your app even if you are not connected to internet! You can view friends list as well as your messages.

Notification Control

Are notifications disturbing you in an important meeting? Choose to get notified using sound and/or vibration or not get notified at all.

Smiley Keyboard

A new collection of smileys to express yourself better and keep the fun going.


When smileys get too mainstream, use our gorgeous Stickers to brighten up your chat conversations.

Load earlier Messages

Users can view all older messages by simply clicking on the "Load Earlier Messages" bar.

Clear Conversation

Clear the chat history with a click of a button.

Block/Unblock Users

Stop a contact from messaging or invading your personal space by blocking them.

Multiple Chatrooms

Users can create, join, chat on multiple chatrooms simultaneously and enjoy group chatting.

Kick/Ban/Unban user

Chatroom owners now have the power to drop a not-so-subtle hint to annoying chatroom users.

Report Conversation

Report any inappropriate conversation to the administrator.


“it's really an amazing app that provides everything that other popular messenger apps provides.”

“Finally a secured, encrypted chat app for kinksters! No more sharing our personal info in order to keep in touch with other kinksters. I've been waiting for someone to make this happen. Thank you guys!”

“For most of the kinksters privacy is very important. And now finally we have our own private kinky chat application.”



Enjoy the app and feel free to report bugs to